Secret To Ranking On Google In 2 Minutes

If you can concentrate for the next 120 seconds you’ll be able to learn the secret behind the Google algorithm for search ranking. The answer to why one business ranks on page 30 and the other on page one is ahead of you. The Google algorithm sends you results based on the on-site and off-site makeup of a website.

Rank On Google in NYC


On-Site Ranking Factors:

META Information:

This consists of the website search engine title and description. The title is what you see on top of your internet browser when you visit a website and it’s also the bold blue text on a Google search result. The description is the 2 lines under the bold blue title on a Google search result. The best practice with META information and to simply write your official business name followed by your keywords. Keep the title 55 characters or less and the description 150 characters or less. META information can easily be changed on the “Head” section of the coding of your website or using most Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Weebly etc.

On-site Content:

Google wants plenty of information on your website about what you do. Google uses a process called Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to decipher good content from spam. Simply put, they want content well written and without keyword stuffing. Just write a lot about your product offerings and put your target keywords in the text every so often but not too much. The LSA process  loves target keyword synonyms. For example, an attorney can alternate between the words “lawyer”, “law firm”,  and “legal professional”. The Google bots see this as quality content. Finally, Google loves fresh content. Publish new pages or blog posts with original content on your website at least once a week.


Off-Site Ranking Factors:

Niche Links Building:

Links on other websites pointing to your site have and always will be one of the major ranking factors for Google Search. The most important part to remember is the type of link Google is looking for. You need links to your site from niche relevant and geographically related sources. For example, a real estate broker in NYC needs to try to get links from real estate sites in New York. Finally, make sure you are getting the link from a quality site by checking it’s Domain Authority. You can search online for “Domain Authority Checker”, enter the address of any website and then see it’s score. A domain authority of 15 or more is good enough for a link while a score of 30 or more would be considered great and so on.

Social Media & Local Directories:

Create a business listing on the top social sites and directories on web. Once you did that it’s time to get social. Get yourself a lot of followers and share interesting content from your website and you will be able to drive more traffic to your site. Each time someone shares or likes your content a link and social signal is created to your site and can be seen by Google. The effect of social signals on search ranking is important and should be part of any marketing strategy. It can also create a “natural” and powerful optimization effect if your content goes “viral”.

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